Japan listed company launching Platform for DApps

One of the country’s first cryptocurrency exchanges that is a shareholder in a publicly listed company in Japan says it is exploring new use cases for its digital asset

With multiple businesses set to be involved, FISCO is planning to roll out lending for the FISCO Coin (FSCC).

All of which will be positioned as tools to make FSCC more valuable, the company is also going to launch a platform that’s home to a range of DApps. Also, including the IT development company Kuskim, as well as CAICA Technologies, These DApps are being established as part of a joint venture.  It is hoped that this will lead to the creation of cutting-edge businesses.

In time, FSCC will effectively become a governance token, meaning that those who own the cryptocurrency will have the final say on how DApps evolve and improve

“In an era where the utilization of blockchain technology promises to spark a value revolution in finance, FISCO aims to contribute to future possibilities based on advanced digital technology while cultivating sound asset markets,” the company said in a recent white paper.


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