John McAfee Will Attend World Blockchain Summit in New Taipei City

World Blockchain Summit

John McAfee, a US Presidential candidate for the year 2020, will now be associated with Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit. The summit will be holding on 25th – 26th April 2019, in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit series is renowned globally, and has hosted over 15,000 delegates in countries such as Singapore, Germany, Russia, UAE, Netherlands and Mauritius.

John McAfee has been on a global tour, speaking and interacting with participants in Forums and Business Conferences across. He has been spreading awareness on how innovative technologies like Blockchain and Machine Learning will go a long way in revolutionizing industries and businesses.

John has talked about the need for distributed ledger technologies in divisions that are prone to corruption, nepotism and hierarchy. Distributed ledgers can help maintain autonomy and improve overall transparency within organizations.

In an interview he said: “If existing companies transformed to operate on the blockchain, all functions would be distributed. There would be no more bosses, no hierarchical organization and no power of influence greater than anyone else.”

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