NFT: How to Play blockchain-based PopCap’s Alchemy video game.

The games are also divided into eight-hour cycles, in which each of the eight players can take five actions and  each game (or “epoch”) lasts until one or more players wins by collecting and burning (“sacrificing”) one of every toy token in all seven levels (the first has 64 toy types, the second 32, and the seventh has only one.).

The epoch begins when players “worship” at the temple, getting three NFT toys — an action that can be repeated over and over. They can be melded in pairs, sacrificing two toys to create a “recipe” that produces one higher-level toy. Some actions require a fee, and all of these revenues are placed into the game treasury.

When one or more players create and “sacrifice” all 127 toys, they earn a separate NFT “enlightenment” token, which a winning player can burn to become a ”prophet” and create a “Godhood” token, ending the game epoch.

At that point 100% of the fees collected for actions and marketplace transactions are distributed, with 64% going to the winner or winners. How that pot is divided is based on various toy token sacrifice strategies involving each NFT’s three values.

As for the rest of the treasury, the prophet gets 1%, the yield-farming “shamans” who stacked GAT tokens take 20%, and the remaining 15% goes into the next epoch’s treasury.

Remaining Toys are kept for future games but the toy-melding recipes — which affect strategy — change with each epoch. But sooner or later, all toys will be used in winning an epoch.

The Alchemy Toys game is built on the Binance Smart Chain. All fees are collected in BNB tokens, and all the rewards are paid out in them.

That BNB can be used to play another game or to purchase more GAT tokens, increasing the player’s stake and future payouts. Of course, players can pull them out, hodling or selling the BNB.


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