Polaris Network and Morpheus Network moving Argentina’s Agribusiness to the top

It is imperative to mention that with the help of established software provider, Polaris Network, Argentine became a global technology leader in Agribusiness industry.

In order to meet the new regulations put out by National Food Safety and Quality Service, SENASA, Polaris believes that Morpheus Network blockchain technology-backed software is perfect.

Also, to support the on-board Agribusiness clients in Argentina, the Morpheus Network provides enterprise-grade flexible solutions to support.  To grow Argentina’s Agribusiness sector and create itself a leader in a market worth $60 billion, the supply chain ecosystem is deemed apt.

With Polaris & Morpheus.Network already working on one project with SENASA, the two companies are now looking to implement blockchain and IoT technology to leverage the Morpheus.Network solution for animal management and certification. The Agribusiness sector involves thousands of companies and with these two upcoming projects Morpheus.Network could prove instrumental in helping the Argentine government become a global technology leader.

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