Samsung Reportedly Eyeing Bespoke Crypto – Samsung Coin

Samsung coin

Samsung Reportedly Eyeing Bespoke Crypto – Samsung Coin

Samsung Reportedly Eyeing Bespoke Crypto

Will there be a Samsung coin ? Samsung is considering issuing its own cryptocurrency. The likes of Facebook and JPMorgan Chase have also considered this.

Though not yet confirmed officially, a “Samsung Coin” could find application as a payment means on the company’s app store and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. The company has revealed that its flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone will have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

With these mega-corporations delving into the blockchain scene, it is perhaps important to see how their virtual currency implementation compares with each other and the rest of the virtual currency ecosystem.

On April 4th, an inside source within Samsung revealed that the company’s blockchain division was developing an Ethereum-based blockchain mainnet. According to the source, the project would also create a virtual asset dubbed “Samsung Coin.”

Now, the Samsung hierarchy has offered no confirmation of the proposed blockchain mainnet and token. However, the reports appear to be consistent with the recent activities of the company in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space.

Talking at the Blockchain Expo in London on April 25th, the business development and fintech chief at Samsung SDS Europe, Moritz von Widekind, said the company hadn’t decided on anything concrete yet.

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