U.S. Defense Department Is Working On Blockchain Cybersecurity Shield

Blockchain Cybersecurity Shield

The US Department of Defense is working on the development of a blockchain-based, cybersecurity shield. This is a calculated effort to increase the nation’s digital protection.

Blockchain Cybersecurity Shield

According to a publication on July 12th under the title ‘Digital Modernization Strategy,’ the DoD is planning to expand on the digital front in cybersecurity. The document summarized integrating cloud and quantum computing, artificial intelligence, in addition to the use of distributed ledgers such as blockchain technology.

A section was reserved for what the DoD called its ‘Block Chain Cybersecurity Shield.’ The paper explained blockchain as a new information technology that “inverts” the cybersecurity paradigm by being trust-less and transparent. The DoD appears interested in the way distributed ledgers such as blockchain are resistant to attacks and tampering.

The report said:

“First, blockchain networks are trustless: they assume compromise of the network by both insiders and outsiders. Second, blockchains are transparently secure: they do not rely on failure-prone secrets, but rather on a cryptographic data structure that makes tampering both exceptionally difficult and immediately obvious.”

The report is of the view that blockchain networks are capable of reducing compromise while imposing greater adversary costs through the use of honest nodes that reject dishonest actions.

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