United States Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripples Face-Off.

The Law suit of SEC’s Ripple is getting serious each day. Currently, the U.S Securities regulator is now asking the personal information of the Ripples two executive member.

The subpoena has been sent by the U.S securities regulators to  six banks asking for the worth of transaction information of ripples spanning up to eight years. The suit filed on the ending of December stated that that the co-founders of Ripples misled investors in the XRP ICO sale of 2013.

The Ripple co-founder in the person of Chirstian Larsen and the CEO in the person of Bradley Garlinghouse were on March, prayed the Federal Court to  block the subpoenas and that the request by Sec is not in order.

Also there is no such allegations that their finances were mixed with that of Ripple and that the security regulators have no locus to request for everything from the proceeds that were not in line with the transactions and even up to the bizarre request of asking how much was spent by them on their grocery.   The aforementioned was as submitted by the two executives.

Also, they have already accepted to give to the securities regulators XRP transactions and also any other compensation in relation to XRP.

Furthermore, it has been made clear by the U.S SEC that the position of the Executives were not enough and in a letter to the court, the two lawyers representing the two named executives of Ripples opined that the US SEC has not given them a clear explanations to which they are entitled to the information.



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