Up-to 61% of Major Global Digital Firms Invest in Blockchain

Up-to 61% of Major Global Digital Firms Invest in Blockchain

Global Digital Firms Invest in Blockchain

61 percent of high-profile digital companies worldwide are investing in blockchain, according to a report by identity management firm Okta.

Okta, a San Francisco-based enterprise identity provider has released a survey on new trends in technological developments and business opportunities of the world’s largest companies.

In its first “Digital Enterprise Report,” Okta surveyed 1,050 IT, security and engineering decision makers from global companies with at least $1 billion in revenue. Okta explained that decision makers were defined as peoplein a company who are “responsible for making technology purchasing decisions.”

Okta assembled survey responses in January and February 2019 in order to find out how businesses are applying new technologies.

According to the report, most decision makers invested in the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. 72 percent of survey respondents said they invested in IoT, and 68 percent claimed that they invested in AI. With that, 61 percent of respondents revealed that they invested in blockchain, while 58 percent said they invested in augmented reality technology.

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