Cash Out Bitcoin South Africa – Where To Cash Bitcoin In SA

Cash Out Bitcoin South Africa – Where To Cash Bitcoin In SA

Bitcoin ATM

List of major cities in South Africa with bitcoin ATM installations:


  • Johannesburg

With a specific end goal to purchase bitcoins utilizing a bitcoin ATM you have to locate the nearest to you area and comprehend what sort of machine it is. Asking yourself where is nearest bitcoin ATM close me? To discover all areas – visit our bitcoin machines outline. Right now there are around 30 unique kinds of bitcoin ATMs with around 20 makers having their units really introduced some place. It might be troublesome for a normal client to see how to purchase bitcoins by utilizing a bitcoin ATM and what are the distinctions among different ATMs.

In this article we depict a bitcoin buy process for 6 distinctive for the most part introduced bitcoin ATMs on the planet (they cover around 90% of the market inside and out) and two more composes, which were well known previously and now are once in a while utilized (Skyhook and Robocoin):

  • Genesis1 machine from Beginning Coin
  • Satoshi1 or Satoshi2 machine from Beginning Coin
  • Lamassu
  • General Bytes BATMTwo (one-way)
  • General Bytes BATMThree (two-way)
  • BitAccess
  • Skyhook
  • Robocoin
  • General

There is a general purchase process at all bitcoin ATMs:

Confirmation step (discretionary and may differ generously relying upon machine’s compose)

Give bitcoin deliver to store (alternatively can be created and printed/messaged at a few ATMs on the fly, however better to have your own particular with you before utilizing a machine)

Embed money into the ATM

Affirm activity (bitcoins sent to your bitcoin address right now)

This procedure may differ from ATM to ATM, and this is the thing that we portray for everything about specified above bitcoin ATM composes. It is critical to comprehend that notwithstanding when machine’s product/equipment bolster consistence systems, they are not really enacted, as it relies upon the administrator decision of each specific machine. That is the reason a similar sort of machine may have distinctive checks and breaking points set up.

Genesis1 bitcoin machine (Beginning Coin)

San-Diego based organization Beginning Coin produces three kinds of ATMs: Genesis1 (two-way), Satoshi1 (one-way) and Satoshi2 (two-way). The way toward acquiring bitcoins may have a check technique, for this situation:

  • Snap “Purchase Bitcoins”
  • Give versatile number
  • Enter got approval code
  • Sweep unique mark
  • Select coin (this sort of machine may bolster Bitcoin, as well as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin, XCurrency)
  • Output wallet (pre-characterized) or produce new
  • Output wallet QR code if picked
  • Embed money bills
  • Snap send
  • Get printed receipt

See This Process from the video below:

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