Crypto Researchers Opine That Blockchain Might Make Voting Worse

Crypto Researchers Opine That Blockchain Might Make Voting Worse

Crypto Researchers

Crypto Researchers from the Initiative for CryptoCurrencies and Contracts (IC3) are questioning if the blockchain technology will be able to change the internet voting sector for the better.


In an article published by Business Insider, they argued that while blockchain technology might serve to revolutionize other industries, internet voting might be a sector that doesn’t benefit from the technology at all, and could potentially even be harmed by it.

The three researchers said they understand why blockchain technology is being considered as an option to optimize internet voting. Nobody doubts the fact that the cryptocurrency world has attracted billions of dollars for legitimate reasons and that it has clear potential to revolutionize everything from the global payments sector, to logistics, to retail, to land ownership rights, among other sectors.

The immutable nature of blockchain means that one would naturally consider the fact that elections might be less susceptible to fraud if the technology is utilized. However, the three researchers argue that the basic issues with internet voting cannot be addressed, even by blockchain.

The fact that Blockchain technology is known to be extremely secure notwithstanding,  the researchers pointed out that this doesn’t mean that most hardware and software are not themselves vulnerable, security-wise.

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