1-888-569-2760 is Fake Facebook Technical Support or Customer Service

1-888-569-2760 is Fake Facebook Technical Support or Customer Service

1-888-569-2760 is a fake Facebook, Apple, or other Internet companies technical support or customer service number. The fake number(1-888-569-2760) is being used by scammers to trick online users into calling it. The cyber criminals do this by sending out fake emails or text messages that will lure you into calling them. The emails usually take this form:



Your Facebook account has been logged in to recently using a confirmation code 161145 on Monday, February 12, 2018 at 10:00 (EST).

Operating system: Windows

Browser: Chrome

IP address:

Estimated location: Dayton, Ohio, US

If you didn’t do this, Please call us on 1-888-569-2760.


The Facebook Security Team

Once you call the number, you will get an automated message asking you to enter your account credentials, personal information, including your social security number, bank account numbers, or other information they need in order to gain access to their potential victims’ accounts to steal their money.

Recipients of the fake messages who have called 1-888-569-2760 and given out their banking information are asked to contact their banks. As a first aid measure, you are advised to change your Banking password first. I personally advise that you just block your credit cards or other cards which you have given out the information and request for a new one.

Update – You can always use the comment section or the Live chat box herein to report such scams for investigation or email [email protected]

NB – Any email that tells you to pay a certain amount of money to get what they claim that you have won is from online scammers.

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