101 people kidnapped for Crypto Scam- Turkish Police

A Chinese gang has been busted by the police last night and which they were forced to do a crypto scam.

Demiroren Haber Ajansi, a local news agency, as opined by the gang, which referred to themselves as ‘Crypto Investment Consultancy’ recruited 101 people to join them for a finance gig in Istanbul.

The gang trapped the employees in villas within the city and set them to work to swindle Chinese investors out of their Crypto.

Four Kazakhs, two Turkmen, and 95 Chinese nationals were among the assembled crew, and all were held against their will by the eighteen leaders of the operation.

The two Chinese captives, Hongwu Z (29) and Kang W (28), aided the police to expose the operation and this was done after the two Chinese captives contacted the Chinese consulate that alerted the police.

Police arrested six gang leaders and of which the rest of the employees were sent to the local immigration authorities and 100 police men were involved in the raid.

$200k worth of cash was seized by the Turkish police and all were in foreign currencies, 122 computers, 712 cell phones and 677 sim cards and undisclosed number of hard disks, with bank notes counters.

Each of the complexes from where the scheme was operated was sealed from the outside and it operated from nine villas.




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