12% of America’s 100 biggest charity organizations accept bitcoin

12% of America's 100 biggest charity organizations accept bitcoin

Relatively few of the United States’ biggest charities currently accept bitcoin. 12% of America’s top 100 charities of 2019 accept bitcoin donations. And many of those donations are being routed through a popular payment processor, BitPay. Over 90% of these charities accept bitcoins through third-party payment processors.

The world is no longer going digital but already digital and you have no option than to join the trend. The era of fiat currencies is gradually coming to and end for cryptocurrencies to take over. By 2030, if you do not own a cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others, it might just mean you are no longer existing.

The creators of Bitcoin never intended that it should be used as money but a peer to peer platform … now see how far it has gone.

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