30% ETH owned by Mark Cuban because is closest to a true currency

Bitcoin is a better alternative to gold , when compared to Ethereum smart contracts to the boom of internet of the late 1990, according to Mark Cuban.

Ethereum is the closest thing we have to being a true currency and also, Bitcoin is a better alternative to gold, according to Billionaire Mark Cuban.

Defi and NFts have made me excited about Crypto, according to the Sharks Tank and Dallas Mavericks co-owner. Cuban made the statement when he appeared as a guest oa latest episode og the Delphi Podcast. He further opined that the reason for his love for Defi and NFTs is premised on the governance and the fact that they are decentralized and smart contracts. On the governance, there is no one in charge and it is on this premise that have changed the game.

Mark Cuban in the interview did a comparison of the creation of Ethereum’s smart contracts to the internet boom in early 2000’s and late ‘90s.

In the words of the billionaire Cuban:

“When the Internet started to happen, you started seeing all these applications that could disrupt things that happened in the analog world, like when we looked at streaming because I wanted to listen to Indiana University basketball, I couldn’t do it on the radio in Dallas.”

Despite Cuban’s bullishness on Ethereum, he revealed his portfolio has double the amount of Bitcoin to Ethereum with “60 percent Bitcoin, 30 percent Ethereum and 10 percent the rest.”

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