$5.7m stolen after Hackers ransacked Social Token Platform

According to Social Token Platform, there has been a breach of their platform and the whole tokens have been sold by the attackers.

As reported by the Social Token Platform, about 3,000 ETH worth $5.7 million was stolen from their wallet on 15th March.

A hacker may have compromised the private keys for the roll’s hot wallet, and thereby allowing them to transfer funds from user’s account at will.  The aforementioned was reported by UTC digital asset management platform, MyCrypto.

Announcing the hacker has stolen and liquidated a big number of tokens after approximately 12 hours and, Roll responded to the attack. Also across the platform, withdrawals have been suspended.

There is no further user action suggested for the user because the attacker sold all the tokens as suggested by the attacker.

Also, in order to aid creators and the communities affected by the incident,, Roll posited that they have launched $500,00

Including $RARE, $ WHALE and $SPICA, the attacker stole eleven different social tokens  and Tornanado cash was the platform, the stolen funds were transferred to and which is a privacy tool  often used by hackers to launder stolen funds. The hacker then traded the tokens for Ether on the popular decentralized exchange, Uniswap.


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