6 things you don’t know about the Anti-Money laundering Directive of the EU that is disrupting Crypto in Ireland.


  1. In July 2018, the EU’s AMLD came into force
  2. Member States were given until January 2020, to bring in line with the rest of the states their AML and CFT rules.
  3. There have been clumsiness in compliance with the directive of the E.U especially Ireland.
  4. Ireland was fined €2 million ($2.24 million) by the European Court of Justice for the delay in complying with the European Union Directive.
  5. EU member states are likely to see even stricter crypto regulation, with the looming June 3 deadline for adhering to the Sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD).
  6.  6AMLD builds upon the previous AML directives and lists 22 offenses, including cybercrime, insider trading and market manipulation, with harsher penalties envisaged.

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