A new focus on DeFI will be the outcome of Oasis and Tidal partnership

In an effort to attract traffic and adoption, the privacy-focused blockchain, founded by one Cointelelgraph’s top 100 in Crypto entrepreneur has pursued myriads of strategies through the years. Medical records and individual personal data were so much promoted as part of privacy-preserving computational network, in 2018, when Oasis raised a monster $45 million as the other crypto market stalled.

Promising under collateralized loans, using real-world credit checks, Mainnet rolled around and were more focused on decentralized finance.  By November 25 token sale, which gave the company an additional $10 million was premised on mainnet launch.

The company’s current strategy consists of a patchwork of initiatives focused on big data, data privacy, and decentralized finance. Last year they announced a project with Binance to allow exchanges to confidentially share threat assessment information regarding fraud and hacks, and earlier this year worked with automaker BMW to enable cloistered information storage to protect privacy while sharing data internally.

The partnership with Tidal may signal a renewed focus on DeFi, however. The press release notes that Tidal’s insurance on DeFi pools will be key for Oasis’ “rapidly expanding” DeFi ecosystem, and that multiple “lending protocols and DEXs that will be integrated into the Oasis Network in the coming months.”

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