Akon to Launch Cryptocurrency ‘Akoin,’ Build ‘Crypto City’ in Senegal

Akon to Launch Cryptocurrency ‘Akoin,’ Build ‘Crypto City’ in Senegal

Akon who is a Senegalese-American rapper and solar energy entrepreneur, plans to offer a cryptocurrency in two weeks to help improve conditions in Africa.

Speaking at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France, the entertainer and entrepreneur told a panel that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology could empower people in Africa and offer a more secure currency that enables them to advance themselves independent of the government.

Akon said he plans to develop a city that is completely based on the cryptocurrency, which he says will be called Akoin. The 2,000 acres granted to Akon by Senegal’s president will be called “Akon Crypto City,” according to the Akoin website. The city will be the first in which a cryptocurrency will be the basis of transactions.

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Akon Crypto City is located within five miles of the country’s new international airport and uses smart city designs and a blank canvas for “cryptoniznig” daily business and human exchanges, according to the website.

When asked technical questions about blockchain technology at Cannes, Akon deferred them to “the geeks,” saying that he comes to the table with the concepts.

Akoin will bring a whole new phase to the cryptocurrency industry. Just anticipate this and invest when you have the opportunity.

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