Amazon New $50 reward, Confirmation needed – Scam, Fraud

Amazon New $50 reward, Confirmation needed – Scam, Fraud

Amazon will never tell you to provide your login details. There are some emails circulating the internet claiming that Amazon is rewarding it’s customers with $50. These emails are sent by fraudsters who are simply trying to either harvest your payment details or direct you to another website.

These fraudsters are being paid to drive traffic to these websites and they use you to achieve this aim by making an almost irresistible offer which must make you click the link.

However the worst part of these emails or the more dangerous types are the ones that will just harvest your card details once you click the link. There are also some that will link you to a website and ask you to put your credit card or master card details to pay a small token to claim the big prize. These scammers will just harvest your card details once you enter them and use them to perpetrate fraud.

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If you have entered your details in one of these websites, you are advised to contact your bank as soon as possible. I personally advise that you ask your bank to block the card and issue a new one to you.

The emails usually take this form:

Explore Amazon New + Interesting Finds.

Your $50 reward requires_your_confirmation for acceptance & account accuracy.

This_reward_must_be_redeemed_by 11:59PM today.

Confiirm Now with One-Click

– – – – END OF NOTIFICATION #176532 – – – –

To_be_removed_please_Unsubscriibe here or_write_to:
PO box 971, Reno_NV_89504

Update – Use the comment section or the Live chat box herein to report such emails and also drop the email address so we can investigate.

NB – Any email that tells you to pay a certain amount of money to get what they claim that you have won is from online scammers.

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