is a Fraudulent Work-From-Home Website is a Fraudulent Work-From-Home Website is a scam website being operated by cyber criminals. The website claims it offers members the opportunity to earn money for viewing ad units and attracting referrals, but this is only a trick get potential victims to sign-up with them.

Once you have reached the $150 payment threshold, in order to cash out or receive the money, will ask you to buy fake referrals. If members buy the referrals, the website will charge their credit cards and disable their accounts.

Please, you are asked not to register with this fraudulent website and those who have already registered and working with the website should just run for their lives ans money to avoid getting wrecked.

If you have used your credit card on the website, contact your bank as soon as possible or better still, just block the card and request for a new one.

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Do not work on because you will never get paid. They may also end up selling your emails to fellow scammers so be on the watch out for phising emails that may start flooding your inbox.

Do not hesitate to contact [email protected] to report any suspicious website or online scam.

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