Arbel Arif says that Q&A: Conquering the kingdom of crypto e-commerce

How do you find the keys to the kingdom of crypto e-commerce, in this time that Shopping using cryptocurrencies is a hot-button topic right now?

The milestones that have been achieved since the platform launched six months ago, and the high-profile partnerships that have been instrumental for the site’s success, is the gravamen of the interview of CEO Arbel Arif with Cointelegraph

  1. Hello! Can you describe in a nutshell? is the bridge between crypto and retail. We are the leading provider of mainstream e-commerce solutions in crypto.

We are the only company that offers you the ability to purchase from major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart and eBay worldwide with your crypto while saving money through discounts.

  1. How do you guys allow shoppers to use crypto at brands like Amazon and eBay?

We offer multiple API solutions on our platform, and this is paired with our backend to offer a seamless experience to purchase with your crypto.

Your order is generated immediately upon checkout and you have the power in how you pay with over 100 different crypto payment options across three unique payment processors.

  1. Some argue that cryptocurrencies aren’t ideal for making everyday purchases. What do you say to this?

Crypto is the future.

It is constantly challenging not only how we view currency in the process of mass adoption but how we purchase online with something of value.

It is literally in the name: cryptocurrency.

Currency is defined as a system of money in general use in a particular country.

Crypto is borderless. We seek to innovate and pioneer the absolute necessity that is crypto e-commerce.

  1. What is your company’s vision for the future?

Our vision is to establish the mainstream adoption of crypto e-commerce by challenging how we view retail and changing how we make purchases online.

With, you have the power to pay with your crypto.

We are actively pioneering an entire industry one sale at a time.

  1. Can you tell us about your partnership with has been a very active partner for us with scheduling side by side marketing campaigns and promotions.

We have implemented their new and easy to use payment solution called Pay onto our platform as one of our payment processors.

  1. What have been the biggest milestones for since you launched in December 2020?

As first movers we have brought power to the industry as we pioneer this very new scene in crypto.

In a short amount of time we have accomplished so much.

We’ve been trending consistently online, have established ourselves as the leading e-commerce platform in crypto, and have harnessed the power of marketing behind an array of influencers and advisors. Our team has trebled, and we’ve sold thousands of items.

Crucially, we’ve brought crypto retail solutions to an international level — all while building a governance system and multiple stalking platforms. We’ve given more than $1.5 million away to our supportive community too, participating in multiple charity events to back good causes.

  1. Can you tell us what the project hopes to achieve in the next 12 months?

We seek to inspire the mainstream adoption of crypto.

Our next evolution in this is Shopping 2.0, which was released on 15 May, and our mobile app that will release sometime in July.


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