As Decentral Games opens Atari Casino, Nightlife comes to the metaverse 

With the launch of an Atari-brand Casino, virtual land governance DAO decentral games is starting to expand into the metaverse nightlife.

Also, DAO, which buys land in virtual worlds like  Decentraland and opens digital businesses, the Casino will be the third  of such gambling establishment.

The provably-fair games are designed to be “nostalgia-inducting,”, using Brand assets from Atarri, according to a press release from Decentral Games

Myriads of tokens can be played with by gamers, which includes DAI, ETH and Decentlands MANA and gaming mining programme , so that gamblers may be rewarded with Decentral Games governance token,

Decentral Games — which previously built a number of games for Decentraland on a whitelabel basis before setting out as an enterprise DAO  is expanding into the metaverse nightlife space rapidly. Last week, they announced a digital replica of the iconic Amnesia club. To celebrate the launch of the Atari Casino, they brought in DJ Dillon Francis for a concert with 3,700 worldwide attendees:

The metaverse  a term for interlinked virtual worlds that enable in-game economies — has been a hot sector for speculators and builders as of late as the NFT space has gained traction — enough so that major players like Fortnite founder Tim Sweeny have admitted that the tech is “going places.”

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