At least 1% of their wealth to be given to charity each year: Four crypto veterans pledge

An Industry group supporting The Giving Block’s new cryto-focused charity drive has been joined by Four crypto and blockchain veterans. The Industry group is Founders Circle.

At least 1% of the holdings of Investors and businesses are being encouraged by the “Crypto Giving Pledge’ to donate to charities every year ad as part of the Giving Block’s mandate of increasing charitable giving and enabling more donations to accept cryptocurrency donations, is the main point of the initiative.

Many industries have been invited by the Giving Block assembled Founders Circle , to promote industry leaders to join. Also, Ryan Selkis , the founder and CEO of Messari, is among the  four members welcomed by Founders Circle in the past week.

Also, the founder of CMS holdings and former head of Circle Trade, Dan Matuszewski and Quio Wang of DeFi Alliance has all answered the call and joined.

On Tuesday, Haseeb Qureshi, the managing director of Dragonfly Capital, was unveiled as the fourth member of the industry group. Regarding his decision to join Founders Circle, Qureshi said:

“The crypto community has been incredibly generous to me, and I’m fortunate to be able return some of that generosity. I’m excited to donate to high-impact charities—and as it happens, crypto is the best way to do that.”

The Giving Block will announce new Founders Circle members through May 30 when applications to join the group officially close.

The Crypto Giving Pledge launched at an opportune time in the evolution of digital assets. The cryptocurrency market is currently worth around $2.3 trillion, which means a 1% contribution from all industry members and investors would be equivalent to $23 billion. Growing mainstream acceptance of digital assets is likely to compel more non-profits into accepting crypto donations.

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