Ben Delo of BITMEX Pledges To Give Majority Of His Wealth To Charity

Ben Delo of BITMEX

The British Co-Founder of the world’s most popular crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX, Ben Delo, has signed The Giving Pledge. This means that Ben who last year became the UK’s first and youngest crypto billionaire is willing to donate the majority of his wealth to charitable causes.

The British software engineer, at the age of 34, became UK’s first crypto billionaire. This stems from the incredible success of BitMEX, which he co-founded along with Arthur Hayes and Samuel Reed in 2014. His net worth was estimated to be $3.6 billion as at the time. Ben owns 30% of BitMEX.

BitMEX makes its money from futures products in Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies making price volatility good for business. BitMEX makes large amount of profits in both bull and bear markets.

Delo who lives with his wife Pan Pan Wong in Hong Kong which is where BitMEX has its headquarters, interestingly, supports U.S. billionaire investor Warren Buffett when it comes to frugal living.

He told the British newspaper that:

  • he “owns only three pairs of shoes — trainers, a pair of “sensible” leather brogues and flip-flops”; and
  • he and his wife “use special offer vouchers when they buy meals in McDonald’s.”

He wants to be a Philanthropist. Philanthropic lifestyle is the best life you can ever live, i wish to be able to give back to the society for its development too.

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