Bitcoin maybe affected by the continued debasement of Dollar

The price of bitcoin appears to be increasing after the $50,000 reclamation and the significant market cap of $1 trillion. However, with all the successes thus far, the only downward trend that may affect Bitcoin is the dollar.  There has been brewing reversal in the dollar, which has been on for some time but has yet to come to happen.

For the continued bull market, whatsoever happens to dollar is significant for the bull market, which calls for a major decision to be made.

The worst in the dollar in history was last year and the historic decline is premised on the continued lowering of the currency by the US government. The overall money supply continues to ballon and swell to an unprecedented proportion on the overall fiat money supply.

Investors have putting capital in the stock market and crptocurrencies with the value of the dollar being in decline.

The crypto bull trend will kick into overdrive and will barley be drawn back, once Bitcoin and Ethereum take such commanding lead over stocks.

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