Binance Launches Four New Fiat Gateways – Details

Binance Launches Four New Fiat Gateways

Binance has announced the addition of four new fiat gateways, including EUR and KZT.

Per the official announcement published on November 8th, Binance has partnered with Advcash to offer deposits and withdrawals of EUR, RUB, UAH and KZT. Binance users can now deposit the four fiat currencies directly to their account wallet through the use of credit cards, bank cards or an Advcash Wallet.

According to the press release, there are no deposit fees on any of the four fiat currencies being transferred to Binance or from an Advcash Wallet. Users also have the option of directly buying and selling BTC, ETH and XRP with fiat from their Binance account.

The exchange also threw more light on their One-Click Buy/Sell feature, which is being marketed as a more convenient way to invest in crypto-assets,

One-Click Buy/Sell allows users to buy and sell digital currency more conveniently and quickly without charts or complex order types, and provides users with real-time price data to directly execute their trades.

Binance users who have fiat in their Binance accounts can use the One-Click feature to invest in BTC, ETH or XRP quickly.

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