Binance Trust Wallet Launches Desktop App for MacOS

Binance Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet which is owned by Binance has released a desktop application for macOS.

The Trust Wallet team announced the development in a tweet yesterday, August 12th. The team also revealed that  the wallet will be available in the Mac App Store shortly.

Viktor Radchenko, Trust wallet co-founder in a series of tweets disclosed that support for Linux will be launched next week. Radchenko also said that the main challenge for the team now is to port Trust Wallet to Windows, which they have ostensibly not done yet. Radchenko also stated that most desktop crypto users are on Windows.

The development follows news that Binance added support for multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to Trust Wallet by integrating the Kyber Network protocol, a dedicated platform for cross-token trading solutions.

Binance got Trust Wallet in August 2018. Trust Wallet is an open source, U.S.-based, anonymous, and decentralized wallet that supports Ether and various Ether-based tokens.

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