Bitcoin Energy FUD: Elon Musk the Answer

For years the Chief Executive officer of Tesla and Space in the person of Elon Musk is reputed to be synonymous with Crypto and he has been outspoken on Dogecoin and Bitcoin and which recently he has been named the CEO of Dogecoin.

Recently, the green focused company, Tesla recently revealed a very large BTC buy, and which makes Tesla as one of the companies to have cryptocurrency as part of their corporate strategy.

A relative novice to Bitcoin space, Scaramucci has opined that Musk is the best person to fit into the ongoing FUD energy surrounding the crypto sector.

There is no person that is living has ever done what Musk have done in the protection of the planet against climate change, as averred by Scaramucci. And that the idea he’d support something so harmful to the environment is “absurd.”

Instead, he says that Musk sees the future in a different view, and understands that renewable energies will replace the current environmentally harmful mining processes keeping Bitcoin going, and will convert that renewable energy into monetary value with the potential to demonetize gold, art, equities, and just about everything else.


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