Bitcoin Future is Bright- Saylor

Regardless of technical shortfalls, the future of Bitcoin is quite bright. Bictoin will still be at the top because the stickability of bitcoin is premised on its price, as opined by Saylor.

Saylor continued that the potentials of Bitcoin is currently being fulfilled and when it is done, it will be the best thing the world has even witnessed.

In his words:

 “I think there’s about zero chance of that. Bitcoin’s a trillion dollar digital monetary network. Bitcoin would be the most successful thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

In other to support his claims, Saylor quoted the time-lag it took most companies to reach a dollar market cap of trillion and which has been achieved by Bitcoin in twelve years when placed side by side with others.

In his words:


 “it took Apple 42 years to be a trillion dollar network . it took Microsoft 44 years to be a trillion dollars, it took Google 22 years to be a trillion dollar network, it took Amazon 24 years to be a trillion dollar network,. It took Bitcoin 12 years to be a trillion dollar network, and there’s nothing else. There is no other trillion dollar network.”

During this uncertain times of money printing and low interest rates, the growth rate of bitcoin is accelerating. Also, Saylor is confident that the place of bitcoin as number one crypto is not in doubt, when added to institutions of the likes of Square and Paypal.





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