Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch Moved Through 38 Countries in 3 Days

Bitcoin Lightning Torch Moved Through 38 Countries in 3 Days

Bitcoin’s lightning torch is back, The torch is a digital game first ignited in January 2019 by pseudonymous bitcoin enthusiast Hodlonaut. Each “torchbearer” sends a tiny amount of bitcoin to the next. A key rule is to add a little bit more money to the payment each time it moves to someone new. and it’s zipped through at least 38 countries already. Hodlonaut lit the torch again.

It’s moving around the world much faster the second time around, already reaching 91 people in three days. Last time, it took longer than two weeks to get to 139 people in 37 countries.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will definitely take over and bench Fiat currencies in years to come. I suggest that cryptocurrencies are taught in school to enlighten the kids who are the leaders of tomorrow. Judging from the success recorded by Bitcoin, we can comfortably say that people who are not yet into cryptocurrencies might be left out if care is not taken.

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