Bitcoin Price Hits $10,000 for the First Time in 2020

Bitcoin Price Hits $10,000 for the First Time in 2020 – After almost six months of waiting, Bitcoin investors get treated to $10K once again, as BTC/USD caps year-to-date returns of nearly 40%. Bitcoin (BTC) has smashed $10,000 on Feb. 9, capping a momentous first month of 2020 to reach its highest level since October last year.

The upward move pushed Bitcoin’s market cap up to $182.6B and bitcoin dominance is 63.7% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. Over the past seven days, Bitcoin has seen a rise in value, as it gained 8.5%.

Bitcoin is still shocking a whole lot of people with its current price. The number one cryptocurrency has been adopted my many people globally leading to its recent price hike. Other cryptocurrencies are also following suit with cryptos like Ethereum and Ripple hitting heights too.

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