Bitcoin received from suite Sales will be held- David Kaval

According to the president of Major League Basball’s Oakland Athletics, David Kaval,  he posited that they believe in Bitcoin and that some big free agents may be found with some of the proceeds.

He further posited that any Bitcoin paid by fans for luxury seats at the team ballpark in San Francisco Bay Area will be held by the club.

Since the deal was first announced in March 15, there have not been any of the baseball fans that have taken the opportunity to buy a full season for one Bitcoin.  Kaval is optimistc that out of the tem suites that are available, two or three people may pay through bitcoin and any of such bitcoin received will not be converted.  Kaval opined that the Club will hold the bitcoin until it goes up.

The BTC price dipped to $51,000 since the initial sales announcement, meaning crypto users who purchased the suite at just the right time could have saved more than $13,000 compared to the regular full season fiat price of $64,800. The price of the crypto asset has since returned to more than $57,000.

Kaval said part of the reason for the change to selling the tickets in crypto was the baseball club offering “something unique and different.” Though he said the A’s would not be accepting other tokens like Ether (ETH) or Dogecoin (DOGE) this week, there is the possibility of doing so in the future.

“We’re focused on just Bitcoin for now, but I think if it catches on, and we get interest, we are open.”

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