Bitmain technologies on Illegal talent hunt in Taiwan

Bitmain technologies have been accused of poaching the engineers from Taiwan that is over hundred engineers.

A report made by Nikkei Asia has it that the investigation has started in order to ascertain the poaching accusation of the Chienese Crypto mining chipmaker and this investigation has been launched in New Taipei and Hsinchu, which is the semi-conductor of Taiwan.

In New Teipei according to the investigators the Bitcoin mining chip maker also set up shell companies that are used for illegal recruitment and this is in addition to the crime of poaching.  The invstigators stated further that uncovered that Bitman has been poaching the research and development of Taiwanese talents in order to level up chip on artificial Intelligence capability and the aforementioned they do by setting up companies illegally in Taiwan.  Also the newly illegal company served as talent search purposes and have been so, since 2018.

Also,  Bejing is making ways for its own chip manufacturing industry. On March, the semiconductors will be a cynosure at the national people’s congress that starts on 12th March.

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