Blockchain Gaming:“An Unreal Engine game. With very real value”-HodlGod

With a new map also making its debut in the game, HodlGod says it is continually unveiling extras to keep gamers busy. To be powered by Unreal Engine, the title has been described as the first 3D RPG on the blockchain

Including armor, a bow, a main-hand melee weapon, and an off-hand melee weapon, a new Immortal Gear set is imminent, and consists of four shards.

It all begins by turning the four shards into a bounty contact and completing the array of quests that’s found within. Once all of the challenges are done, the Immortal Set is theirs to keep. These sets get rarer over time as greater numbers of gamers join the platform.

The developers behind the game told Cointelegraph: “An Unreal Engine game. With very real value. Blockchain gaming is still one of the most underrated sectors in crypto with no gaming coins breaching the top 50. We are leading the pack in showing the undeniable potential of this space with HodlGod.”



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