BrewDog offering clients means to purchase stock with bitcoin

BrewDog offering clients means to purchase stock with bitcoin

BrewDog, a brewery which is based in Scotland is offering clients the ability to purchase stock in their company with bitcoin.

The original program, entitled “Equity for Punks,” saw the shareholder base to over 114,000 people. The company now wants to extend its proposition to bitcoin users by allowing the purchase of stock with digital currency.

The extension to become a “card-carrying BrewDog Equity Punk” is meant to be in place until April 2020.

According to the official press release,

“This is the natural next step for us as a business. James and Martin started BrewDog to be an alternative to the status quo; to challenge perceptions and revolutionise their industry. The developers, miners and users of cryptocurrency are exactly the same. Joining forces to link the old and new financial systems is a perfect fit.”

The company is creating a new beer to cap its dive into cryptocurrency, labeled ‘Cryptonite West Coast IPA.’ Investors who purchase stock in BrewDog via cryptocurrency will receive a six-pack of the original craft beer.

Equity for Punks started as a crowdfunding effort by the Scottish brewery to expand its craft beer interests in a market dominated by industrial beer. Membership comes with a number of things, including lifetime discount of 10 percent from beers, first-taste access to new beers and a free copy of the company’s book Craft Beer for the People.

BrewDog previously generated interest in the cryptocurrency community when on October 2018, the company celebrated the opening of its Canary Wharf location with a giveaway of wallets containing bitcoin cash.

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