BTC miners could be helped via harnessing renewable energy- Brass

Bitcoin’s blockchain running has been an increasingly popular topic of discussion in recent weeks, via the energy consumed by mining, which is the process that keeps Bitcoin’s blockchain running.

Bitcoin mining scene as it relates to renewable energy, was explained by Yonathan Lapchik, the SUKU CEO in an interview on Friday on CNBC. 75% of Bitcoin mining comes from renewable energy, according to the interviewer which he said Lapchik once claimed.

“We think that 75% is an actual figure,” Lapchik told CNBC, “The miners are truly incentivized to use renewable energy.” Turning his thoughts to electric car-maker Tesla, which recently announced it would no longer accept Bitcoin for purchases due to environmental concerns, Lapchik said “It’s surprising that Elon didn’t consider that before getting into the space, before accepting Bitcoin as a payment mechanism for Tesla.”

Tesla opened its doors to payments via Bitcoin by United States clientele back in March. The move went public following the car company’s purchase of $1.5 billion worth of BTC, announced in February.

Musk, however, recently stated disapproval of the fossil fuel energy Bitcoin mining calls on, via a Tweet on Wednesday. He also discontinued payments to Tesla in BTC, albeit seemingly a temporary move until Bitcoin mining reaches satisfactory energy usage levels.

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