Buy Akoin – Where to buy Akon Cryptocurrency, Coin, Price

Buy Akoin – Where to buy Akon Cryptocurrency, Coin, Price

Akon has made known plans for a new cryptocurrency “Akoin” which you can buy once launched. The crypto will be the root of a new city he plans to build in Africa.

The akoin cryptocurrency is intended to “bring the power back to the people” by functioning outside the realm of governments and traditional financial institutions.

The new city will be called Akon Crypto City which will use the Akoin digital coin and is set to be built in the country of his birth.

According to a website, “This futuristic city [is] already in development, beginning with 2,000 acres of land gifted to Akon from the President of Senegal, is within 5 minutes of the new international airport, close to the coast and a short drive from Dakar, the capital city of Senegal (Akon’s homeland),”

“Akon Crypto City blends leading Smart City planning designs with a blank canvas for cryptonizing our daily human and business exchanges, towards inventing a radical new way of existence.” With this development many investors are looking for where to buy akoin.

Where To Buy Akoin

According to, ”

AKoin is a new cryptocurrency from visionary changemaker Akon and is the foundation of the AKoin Ecosystem — a unique global project that offers an abundance of digital and in-real-life platforms and experiences that create opportunity and inclusion for youth entrepreneurs by allowing consumers to buy, hold, and spend cryptocurrency right from their smartphone through a suite of blockchain-powered apps.

Created by Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling artist, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Akon, who successfully founded and grew Akon Lighting Africa to provide scaled solar power solutions throughout 18 countries to date in Africa, the AKoin Ecosystem’s exclusive suite of sustainability and growth-building crypto-based apps offer immediate and ongoing new revenue generating opportunities to stimulate micro-exchanges and financial stability.

And while the opportunities to buy, hold, and spend Akoin to power youth entrepreneurs on the digital platform and from anywhere in the world are vast, consumers will also be able to engage with AKoin in an entirely new way when they visit the real-life Wakanda of Akon Crypto City.”

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AKoin is the exclusive currency of the AKoin Ecosystem. Our model is unique as we strive to create a stable currency for the people of Africa, and our platform has been built to reflect this value:

  • Token pegged to a stable asset (AKoin cryptocurrency price based on hard assets, including mobile minutes)
  • Offers low currency volatility (AKoin token economics includes stabilization of the coin for low volatility)
  • Currency earning / cash-out (AKoin DApp earning with Corner Market, Bank and FI’s cash in-out)
  • Currency spending (AKoin rapid growth / stable value creates growing local vendor acceptance)

Akoin will soon be listed for sale so that many investors will buy akoin. Stay tuned to get this information once it is made known including the price.

Akoin will bring a whole new phase to the cryptocurrency industry. Just anticipate this and never fail to invest.

Following the recent approval which Akon got to build his city, the Price of Akoin will rise as many people are now buying Akoin. You will be able to Buy Akoin through the genuine cryptocurrency exchanges soon.

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