Carbon offsetting through NFT

Ahead of other candidates like international flights, heavy industry and car commuters, NFTs have become an unlikely poster child for ruining the environment, ahead of other candidates like international flights

Also, while the recent NFT drop from musical act The Weekend apparently emitted more carbon than a plane flying from New York to London 86 times, various estimates suggest OpenSea is responsible for a cumulative 67.8 million kilograms of carbon emissions

In order to know how many carbon credits one need to buy from to balance the scales, environmentally conscious NFT purchasers can now paste in the address of an NFT drop into the Aerial platform. You can pay with either USD — or weirdly enough, Ethereum — a payment which itself presumably requires additional carbon credits. 

According to co-founder of Aerial Andreas Homer, they really want enlighten people on the deleterious effect of blockchain transactions and aid people on was to reduce these effects of blockchain transactions through offsetting them through carbon.

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