China Shows Why Bitcoin Is Important For The World

China Why Bitcoin Important

In a move to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus, China has decided to sanitize its old banknotes. According to many crypto proponents, China putting its money under quarantine is one of the many reasons why the world needs Bitcoin (BTC), a decentralized and permissionless cryptocurrency. Stacy Herbert, a television presenter who co-hosts ‘Keiser Report’ together with early Bitcoin (BTC) adopter Max Keiser, reacted to China’s recent move and tweeted that Bitcoin “doesn’t get quarantined”.

These days, even the deaf and blind knows about bitcoin as it’s popularity has soared making many people want to invest in it. Some people are keeping it in their wallets now as digital assets just as Gold and Diamond are kept and valued.

It should be noted that the Era of cryptocurrency is here and nothing can be done to stop this financial evolution.

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