China’s military might implement a blockchain rewards system

blockchain rewards system

China’s military might implement a blockchain rewards system to manage personnel data and incentivize its workforce.

Citing a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily report, the Global Times emphasized that the blockchain system would likely not involve financial incentives, but would be used as an innovation strategy for the military’s management.

The PLA is interested in using an immutable and secure blockchain-based system to manage personnel data; spanning records such as military training, career path, missions undertaken and performance reports.

The system could be tokenized to offer soldiers non-financial incentives, which could be recuperated for rewards within the scheme. These tokens would serve as “objective evaluations,”.

An anonymous said the main distinction between the proposed blockchain system and existing reward systems would likely be not only the security the innovative technology confers, but also greater immediacy:

“It sounds similar to a KPI system that will give feedback to the troops very frequently,” he noted.

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