CME’s Crypto Futures Volume Neared $60 Billion Last Month

The review made by the Crypto Compare of the February, 2020 exchangereview, shows that there was an increase on the CME’s futures trading and which snowballed to 16.9% to $58.6 billion. The platform opened for the trading of Bitcoin shows an interest for the BTC to be increased by 23% to $2.5 billion last month, and ETH futures equally  showed

The  interest made by CME’s ETH futures trading volume is distinctive in the second biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. As regards to derivatives, it decreased by 0.3% by last month to $2.89 trillion.

Also, as last month, Binance was the biggest in terms of derivatives trading platform by volume, which happened  after a $ 1.06 trillion last month. Also, after Binance was Okex, which has $525 billion traded and lastly Huobi, that traded $399 billion.

Also, by that same last month, there was an increment by 17.2 % of to $2.74 trillion on spot trading. And which was premised on the report made by cryptocompare.

Flowing from the above, it means that the derivatives market depicts 51.3% total of the crypto market, down from 55.3% in January.



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