Coinbase- The White Night of Crypto

There has always been slow base of coinbase in adapting to new coins. At the expense of operating in United States Coinbase’s Asian rival, crypto exchange binance has focused on adding as many coins as possible.

However, in order to appease the regulators, on its home turf and double-down on its core offering of just a handful of currencies, fewer , coinbase listed fewer coins to appease regulators.


Jeff John Roberts, the Decrypt executive director, has written in his book Kings of Crypto, after Biance toppled coinbase to become the most popular crypto exchange in the world, by the middle of 2018, coinbase considered adding more coins, which includes Dogecoin.

Seeing no returns from Memcoin, Coinbase executives has forgotten plans to enable doge trading on the platform and also no longer a start up at this point, Coinbase had added level of corporate bureaucracy to contend wit whenever it tried to implement changes.

After hiring  Balaji Srinivasan, a person considered as a Fiery Tech Entrepreneur, Coinbase started adding more coins in 2018, but pathetically dogecoin never made the cut.

With a team of dedicated developers behind it and new upgrades to its software, what started as an elaborate joke on bitcoin, has now evolved into fifteenth biggest Cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

For not hosting Dogecoin, Coinbase lost out in Billions, but premised on the unpredictability, Coinbase may has just protected what is known for as the white knight of Crpto.



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