Craig Wright’s Wife Sues Exchange Over Bitcoin – Details

Craig Wright’s Wife Sues Exchange Over Bitcoin – Details

Craig Wright's Wife

The wife of Craig Wright who is the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto has reportedly sued a Cyprus-based futures exchange to reclaim lost bitcoin.

According to court Ramona Ang claims to have lost her BTC after the exchange, UFX, suspended and closed her account. She reportedly used the trading platform to invest in leverage bitcoin futures, between January and May of 2017, and between July and August of 2017.

The documents reveal Ramona invested around $200,000 when she first started using the platform, which is run by a fintech firm called Reliantco. By August 10 Reliantco reportedly started trying to close her account, at a time in which her initial investment was worth around $700,000.

Ang reportedly then attempted to shut down her account in August of 2017, when her BTC positions were worth $1.1 million. According to her, these positions at the time of the court hearing, would be worth around $3 million.

Ang is accusing Reliantco of not allowing her to close the account and withdraw her funds. The trading platform’s defense argued Ang invested on UFX as a “professional trader,” contravening their terms of service, as she was initially classified as a “retail client.”

These claims were dismissed by a judge, as her activity was for personal interest. Court documents concluded Reliantco has no basis to challenge Ang’s claims.

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