Crypto Asset Management being added through Gemini by Tesla Bull Ross Gerber’s Firm

A Top wealth management firm that handles $1.8 billion for 7, 500 clients, Gerber Kawaski is going Crypto.

Through Gemini, the California based registered investment advisor crypoptocurrency management firm will start buying crypto currency on the client’s behalf and like any other investment advisory account, Gemini will be managing their accounts like any other investment advisory account.

The CEO Ross Gerber, that is famous for his big holdings in Tesla and cannabis stocks told the Decrypt that, if he doesn’t offer the above stated kind of services to his clients, that he is taking away an opportunity that is incredibly lucrative.

Flowing from the above,  Gerber continued, giving instances of how he had to buy annoyingly difficult stocks against his wish, like cannabis, that  trade in Canada and he has to deal with all the craps just to buy a stock. He further opined that in order not to allow his clients to suffer what he suffered, they ventured into the current line of business, which is launching a crypto

Also, Gerber said that he is an ardent believer of digital gold investment, because he has held Bitcoin for years and also owns Ethereum and Binance Coin. Also, he has seen the sentiment exhibited by Wall Street over Crypto change.

Finally, Gerber said that he is used to negative sentiments, because he in cannabis, and also in Tesla. Also, the argument of some opponents of Bitcoin, that Bitcoin is not a store of value, is premised on the unpredictability.

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