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The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) got to a trading volume of $59.6 billion based on cryptocurrency future contracts, which were given last month. Also, their newly debuted ETH prospective contracts has gotten to $1 billion, while their BTC future constitutes the majority of the trading volume.

In helping their clients to understand cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, JPMorgan private bank has given an educational deck.

Also,  Meitu, a listed firm in Hong-Kong, that is involved in the making of Video and image processing software, has bought about $22 million ether  (ETH) and $17.9 million bitcoin, thereby making it the first the listed company is stating its major purchase of ether for its treasury.

The Ns broker which is owned by NSEX Ltd, was founded in 2011 and there is a long a successful record in the industry, which serves as a dependable middleman and also giving ist users conditions that are favourable.

However, there are top stories in the Crypto round today;:

Nsbroker review: The Platform that helps Traders improve.

JPmorgan distributes Report on Digital Assets to Private Clients.

Hong Kong Listed Software Firm, Meitu buys $22 million of Ether, $ 17 .9 million of Bitcoin

Daily Movers. ENJ, YFI, MANA.

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