Crypto to be brought to the masses via BitCashPay 

Including lending services, staking, a fiat on-ramp, remittances and seamless payments, an all-in-one DeFi platform says it delivers everything that crypto enthusiast’s need

Also intending to acquire a license from the country’s central bank, BitCashPay is registered with the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission

BitCashPay says it is determined to serve as an educational resource that makes digital assets easier to understand, whereas some decentralized finance projects offer little in the way of support for newcomers into the space

On a plethora of topics spanning cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the platform has launched an academy that provides straightforward guides. To help people avoid scams and learn how to spot exciting opportunities in this fast-moving industry, is its simple objective. A launchpad for up-and-coming startups will also play a starring role in its offering.

An app where users can store ERC-20 tokens, is at the heart of BitCashPay’s offering. A trend that has been accelerated by COVID-19 after shoppers opted to move away from using banknotes, it’s also going to play an instrumental role in helping consumers go cashless.

The platform’s ecosystem is designed to be used on the move, with instant notifications giving users an easy way of keeping track of their finances. BCP, the native token, can be used to purchase everything from mobile phone top-ups and fuel to fast food — and crucially, it also provides a convenient way of making cross-border payments. According to the World Bank, remittances typically attract fees of 6.38%, a sum that substantially eats into a worker’s hard-earned paycheck.

In the future, BitCashPay also plans to launch a dedicated crypto bank where users can secure loans.

“What really differs us from other projects is that we make a bet on product development,” BitCashPay told Cointelegraph. “We aim to be one of the best businesses in the crypto space.”



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