Democratization of Finance through DeFi

Democratization of finance through Defi is the gravamen of Defi system. It has been argued that DeFi is beyond social media, gaming, Markeplaces and which can all be disrupted via decentralization.

The DeFi system is the most trusted system in the world and has really a big goal and is the most permissioned. Because of  better interest, it is more profitable to use DeFi , which according to Juliano.

Having recently surpassed $100 billion in total value locked, the DeFi may space may appear mature and massive, but DeFi is a very small, almost quaint valuation to the financial world.  While traditional finance is currently “interested” in DeFi, according to Juliano, there is still much work to be done behind the scenes. O’Holleran echoes this sentiment, predicting the future intersection of centralized and decentralized finance:

“The smart CeFi business will begin to figure out how to inject themselves into DeFi, and the DeFi space will improve as a result.”

Layer-two solutions might not be as flashy as the newest nonfungible token or Bitcoin breaking a new all-time high, but if our panel of experts is to be believed, they might be just as important.


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