Dominating the crypto rankings is the ‘King of NFTs’

“The king of NFTs” has now surpassed more than three million accounts. The aforementioned is a decentralized video game and entertainment network.

A convenient way of creating, buying, selling and trading nonfungible tokens, Worldwide asset eXchange (known as WAX for short) offers an easy-to-use cloud wallet

Toward the end of March, WAX had more active wallets than Tron, EOS, Ethereum and Flow, Congestion on the Ethereum blockchain has prompted a number of developers to start seeking alternatives — and figures from DApp Radar suggest that.

Alien Worlds, a space exploration game built on WAX, has also cemented its place at the top of the rankings. Data suggests this DApp had 392,000 users in a recent 24-hour period — streets ahead of other games including Upland, R-PLANET and Galaxy Blocks.

In contrast to NBA Top Shot, which is based on the Flow blockchain, Alien Worlds is firmly part of WAX’s infrastructure and community — given how WAX tokens form a crucial part of gameplay.

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