• The app is closed for new registrations this month, until February. I believe it’s because of the technical issues they’ve been encountering. Those who registered on the 20th of this month are still enjoying the services of the app managers.
      Keep checking on their social media page for notices

  1. Am richmond kaku morkeh i pledge 100gh and am to recieve 200gh bat i was march to one person, she paid and i comfirmed it appeared she hv piad 200gh to me.
    my contact is 0541584762

  2. Am Adogah Victor i pledge 300gh and (3) of 100gh i have been merged to pay people for activation through paysetcash.com since last week Wednesday and i have been activated but yet still no payment is been made to me over 48 hours now so pls help me out the ff are my details through paysetcash.com.
    name:adogah victor
    name:adogah victor

    name:adogah victor

    • Please earnit is currently working on their system in order to receive new members as the month of February begins. Due to this the payment of memebers has delayed a bit. Im sure people will receive their payment in the next 48hours. Thank you

      • I’m a new member who wants to join but finding it difficult to so.
        Anytime I try logging ,I get de feedback “sorry we are not accepting new members at the moment, try again later.
        Bad net, try again later. ”
        Can someone please help me to log in and register?

  3. Pls my maturity date are 2,8, and 9feb but still not receive my first payment o. You guys should kindly do something about it pls. My number is 0246975950

  4. u pple should pay us our money nd stop invites yawa tins. find a better way to pay us nd stop us to invites pples in order to retrieve our pledges

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