Ebooki.cc Review – Online Bookstore, Scam, How it works, Login, iPhone

Ebooki.cc Review – Online Bookstore, Scam, How it works, Login, Register

Ebooki, Ebooki.cc is an online bookstore. People who shop on this website might run the risk of not receiving their orders, and their credit card information stolen and used fraudulently. Most of it’s traffic is coming from India according to Alexa report. The website was registered on the 9th of January, 2018. The person who registered it is hidden and all the information about the domain is also hidden.

We do not recommend purchasing from websites that hide their locations as it makes them suspicious. A person or group of persons running an online store should be known. The fact that you are hiding your information makes it nurse a fraudulent intention.

Some people even got messages saying that they won an Iphone, that they should pay $1 to claim it.

NB – No genuine lottery organizer will ask you to pay to claim what you won …

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This scheme is still operating and many people are getting defrauded. Beware!!

Update – This scam is going on majorly in India and other Asian countries.

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